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Jumat, 08 Agustus 2014

I'd need expert advises, inputs and optimization ideas to generate some meaningful revenues on me 3 blogs :


Would be nice to have some fresh money to spend on records.. which would ultimately end up.. here.

I'm willing to pay anything who comes with great adsense re-org, updates, tips..
With (let's say..) 1 month of 'new' revenue..

Now for some figures :

The last 3 months (Jan 4 - Apr 4) :

261 588 viewed pages (that's around 2850 pages/day)
280 clicks on adsense thingies
that's a CTR of 0.11% (lame)
that's a eCPM of 0.12€ (0.16$)
= & gt; 31€ in 3 months.. 10€/month

Someone who get straight ideas on how to make 2-3 times more (.. i guess that's doable).. get's the job..

Feel free to contact me at library.emporium%AT%yahoo.com

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