Attilio Mineo conducts Man In Space With Sounds (1962)

Jumat, 19 Desember 2014

Composed and conducted by Art Mineo, 'Man in Space with Sounds' served as the soundtrack to the futuristic "Bubbleator" exhibit at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair.
The Bubbleator was a large, bubble-shaped hydraulic elevator with transparent acrylic glass walls. These transparent walls gave the illusion of looking through an actual 'soap bubble' by refracting light to obtain a rainbow-like effect for the riders inside.
It moved 2.5 million people (150 passengers at a time) through displays promising an easier life ahead (The World of Tomorrow). The 'House of Tomorrow' might include disposable dishes, automatic windows, and changeable color schemes. Gyrocopters might zip and whiz you to the 'Office of Tomorrow', which might have miniature micro-mail, machines to transmit correspondence, and machines that communicated with each other.
'Man In Space With Sounds' was the soundtrack heard on this 21 minute tour of the future.
Welcome to tomorrow.....
Took from this great blog!
01 Welcome to Tomorrow
02 Gayway to Heaven
03 Soaring Science
04 Mile-A-Minute Monorail
05 Around the World
06 Century 21
07 Man in Art
08 The Queen City
09 Man Seeks the Future
10 Boeing Spacearium
11 Science of Tomorrow
12 Space Age World's Fair
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