Eberhard Schoener 2 LPs

Senin, 29 Desember 2014

It's from GERMANY.
It's Krautesque / Progresque / Popesque
Many thanks to Marc for those !
A1. Octagon
A2. Speech behind Speech
A3. Natural High
A4. Code-Word Elvis
B1. Video-Magic
B2. Night Bound City
B3. San Francisco Waitress
B4. Koan
01. Radiant Women
02. The nine lives of a cat
03. Gramercy Park Hotel
04. Da-Da
05. Voyage
06. Take the Zoom
07. Time Square
08. Ich Schau' ins Licht
I'd recommend to listen to those in chronological order..
Last track from Video-Magic (Koan) is absolutely super.
And Time Square is an exclusive rip (never digitalized before i think..)
Enjoy !

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